Who Is David Campos ?

What defines a person ? Is it our achievements,Status or our performance? Is it our identity within our families, culture and environment that defines us ? Is it our dreams, morals or values that define us?  At the end of the day all things aside ,our identity is defined by who we are apart from achievement or status, apart from our cultures and norms. Its the essence of what makes us unique despite the limitations of everyday life. I am David Campos.

David Campos is a composer , Producer and Sound designer

David Campos is based in South Africa.

David Campos is a father of three wonderful children.

David Campos is a husband to a beautiful wife.

David Campos has won many music and international advertising awards.

David Campos is a multi platinum selling music producer with sales in excess of 1 million units and counting.

David Campos is passionate about music , Jesus and life in general.

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